Random Driving Revelations

Posted Tuesday, March 29, 2005, 10:44 AM

The following are things I have learned while driving to and from my new job. They mostly come from bumper stickers, advertisements and from songs on the radio.

“Buy a gun, piss of a federal” -Window sticker on a truck sporting the NRA member emblem on the tail gate.

“U.S. Pride, prepare for payback” -On the back of a Ford F150

“I really want to care, but my give-a-dam’s busted” -Country Song

“Retirement: Half the money, Twice the husband” -Station wagon bumper sticker

When in high school, as long as you have a car you are cool. Even if you are driving to pick up your brother/sister at their middle school, in your car that is missing a wind shield, the truck is flapping open because it can’t stay shut, the paint is literally flaking off as you drive by, and your stereo is so bad that it only makes a mumbling hum, you can still drive down the road with a smile on your face. Just put on your emergency flashers, and all will be well.

Its an interesting world that we live in. We are bombarded every day by advertising, and by people telling us that we have to live up to a certain kind of image. These are the kind of things I have to tell my kids at work to not listen to, so that they can find who they are without being told what they should be. The sad reality is that I find myself fighting the same battle every day. When I go home, when I watch TV, and when I go to the store to get food, I am constantly bombarded with stimuli like this. I’m just glad that I have the chance to be that one person, who might be able to get a Kid to think about what they want, as opposed to accept what everyone tells them what they want.


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