This Job Rocks!!!!!

Posted Saturday, March 19, 2005, 01:28 AM

OK, so I’ve started my new job. I am now a Outreach Councilor for the Youth Service Center in Riverside. What does this mean? This means I am a school councilor. That’s right, me. What do you do when you have a BA in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries, and you loose your job? You become a crisis intervention councilor for Elementary and Middle schools.

My day consists of the following:

1. Walk around campus during recess/passing period, and engage kids in conversation

2. Have kids sign up for times to meet with me if they want to talk about…anything they don’t feel comfortable telling someone else

3. Call kids into my office that have been referred to me by “concerned others”

4. Help kids talk through issues in their life, and come up with a plan so they can work though the problem on their own, and call home to get parents to help if need be

5. Spot signs of abuse (physical, mental, ect)

So, in a typical day, I see anywhere between five and nine kids, talk to a lot of kids while I walk around outside and enjoy fresh air, and make a general impact in kids lives. I also get to work with some amazing staff at the schools I’m assigned to, and could not be in a better position in terms of the support I get from my supervisors. My job ROCKS!

The only problem is that my pay is next to nothing (9.62 per hour). But I get Kiaser medical coverage, blue shield dental, and a great eye plan too. And they pay for my mileage from the main office in Riverside to my school site, every day. Right now, I don’t think I could ask for more. I get the chance to work with kids who have problems ranging from kids telling rumors about them, to kids who have parents that are terminally ill and only a few months to live.

So, as scary as it may seem, I am now a crisis intervention councilor for two schools: an elementary school one day a week, and a middle school four days a week. I’m all that stands between some kids getting help with their life, and being pushed aside by a school system that is too busy to take time for individual needs.


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