Traffic Sucks

Posted Wednesday, March 9, 2005, 03:38 PM

Figures that I would finally get a job, and I would have to drive to the end of the earth to get there. No, you don’t understand: I have to drive to the end of the 909 area code! For those of you who do not live in LA, Riverside, San Bernardino counties here in wonderful California, let me explain. The 909 area code had been referred to as, “the land of the dirt people,” “where the refugees from LA relocate after completing probation,” and my personal favorite, “Fon-tucky.” I basically get to commute sixty miles one way, using four freeway interchanges, during rush hour traffic going both ways.

So, with that at the backdrop, here is what I experienced my first day on the job. I left my house at 6:30 am in hopes of getting to work on time at 8:30 am. It seems the gods needed something to do today for amusement, because on the way there were three accidents. And not just small accidents either; one accident involved a school bus, a truck pulling a large fishing boat, a mini-van, and a compact car.

I sure hope that this job turns out to be worth it. Because I’ll be working with children as a councilor, you won’t see much posted about what I do at work. But I will be able to share very general things, and I will be able to vent all my frustration at stupid drivers I meet along the way ?.

I hope it gets better, becuase I don’t know if I can handel that long of a drive every morning. And I’m not getting paid enough to burn half a tank of gas (at California prices) sitting in traffic every morning.


~ by trinity777 on November 5, 2006.

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