A slight brush with the LAW

Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2005, 01:16 AM

I just got back from dropping my Fiancé off at her house for the night, and the weirdest thing happened to me. I got pulled over by the Rancho Cucamonga Police. Now, there is a light that I have to turn left on, that is really short. And I’m always afraid that I one day I will not make the light, and that a cop will be there to see it happen. Tonight, I approached the light as it turned green. As I pull into the intersection and start my turn, I see a RCPD car coming, and putting on his signal to turn right. I stay calm, and have the presence of mind to remember that I must turn into the correct lane, and not just pick any of the three that are on the street I’m tuning on to.

I do everything flawlessly, and think I’m home free, when the lights go on in my rearview mirror. I pull over, and turn the car off. As I’m sitting there, waiting for the cop to get out and explain to me what I’ve just done wrong, I’m going over the whole thing in my head. And there is nothing wrong, at least that I can see. The officer asks me if I can show the License, Registration, and Insurance, and I give it to him (saying a pray of thank you to God for the fact that I have insurance for the first time in my life that has not lapsed). And I sit, and I sit, and I sit some more. Mind you, it’s 12:45am, and I would like to get home so I can get some sleep and go to work in the morning.

The nice man with the gun comes back and give me my paperwork back and looks at me in a condescending way as he says, “Do you know why I pulled you over Sir?” So I politely answer, “No officer, I’m don’t know why you pulled me over.” This is his response.
“Sir, I pulled you over because you do not have a licenses plate displayed on the front of your vehicle. California requires that all vehicles display a license plate on the front and back of their vehicles at all times.”
“Oh,” I say aloud. “Really? I didn’t know that my plate had fallen off.”
“Yes Sir,” he said. “I won’t be writing you up today, but make sure you find that plate or get it replaced Sir.”
“I will do that officer,” is my response.
He bids me a good night and I drive home, thinking about all the crap I have to go though now, to get a new front license plate. I hate going down to DMV, I hate standing in line with all the other people that hate going to DMV. And I really hate it when the DMV people hate working with the people that hate them because they are DMV people. Now I’m starting to get bummed about going the DMV.

I get home, and a though strikes me. I walk to the front of my car, and check to see if the plate fell off or if it was removed by someone wanting the plate. I was surprised to find that the plate was there, firmly affixed to the front of my car. I walk to the back, thinking the officer must have meant my rear plate. It was there as well. So, now I’m thinking, “What the F*&%!”

Maybe it was just a routine stop. Maybe they were looking for someone driving a car like mine. Maybe I fit some kind of profile that they were looking to find tonight. But at least tell the truth Mr. Police man. How the hell are the people supposed to trust you to up hold the Law, if you don’t tell the truth. A simple, “Sorry for the inconvenience Sir, you have a nice night,” would have been fine. But they didn’t have to lie about it.

OK, that’s my vent for the day.


~ by trinity777 on November 7, 2006.

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