Posted Thursday, June 30, 2005, 06:53 PM

I saw the trailer for this movie what it was coming out, and knew that I just had to see it. I’m all about watching movies that make me feel good about how bad my family is not. I think that everyone can relate to this, as we all secretly wish for some form of validation that life could be worse. This movie is about a family that brings the meaning to “dysfunction.”

The basic plot, Grand Pa (Rip Torn) dies and the family is forced to gather together to pay their last respects. The children are all grown up with kids of their own, or at least life partners, and all of their issues of a family just boil to the surface. The over controlling oldest sister (Jesse Bradford), the has been child actor who now can only get rolls in cheap porn movies (Hank Azaria), the sister who discovered she is a lesbian (Kelly Pereston), and the son that lived in the shadow of all of them and only got attention by acting out (Ray Ramono). In the middle of all of the ensuing chaos, Grandma asks the oldest grand daughter (Zooey Deshanel) to give the Eulogy at her Grand Pa’s funeral.

The Grand Daughter spends the whole movie watching how her family grew apart, while dealing with her own loss. And just when it appears there really is no good thing to say about Grand Pa, she discovers her own true love and realizes that no matter what Grand Pa always chose to love his family no matter what the circumstance was. This is accented by the magnificent Viking funeral that Grand Pa requests, as carried out by his twin grand sons that give a new definition to the word “terror.”

Word of warning, this movie is very dark! It’s hysterical and funny, but only if you have a dark and twisted since of humor, or the ability to not take your own pain and life so seriously. That is the lesson the family learns in the end, is that you can’t take life too seriously or it will destroy you.

Rated R
Released 2004


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