Somebody just kill me right now!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 12:44 AM

I should be going to sleep right now, but I can’t. It’s midnight, and I have to be out the door in about six hours, but still I sit here at my computer writing this update to my blog. I just took four Ibuprofen tablets, and poured myself a half a glass of straight Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum. I’m hoping that by the time I finish it, I will be sufficiently intoxicated so that I can fall to sleep without too many problems.

You may ask why I have done a thing that any normal person would deem as rather low on the responsibility scale. Is it the stress of my job that has driven me to the behavior of a depressive alcoholic? Not likely, I’ve only been a councilor for three weeks and that doesn’t set in till about the third year (or so I’m told). Is it that my love life has taken a dive and I have not way to take the hurt away other than to self-medicate? Nope, Teresa and I are getting along fine, better then normal in fact. It has nothing to do with depression or any other kind of psychological issue in my life (at least not this time).

The simple fact is that I am in physical pain. And not the “oh, I stubbed my toe” kind of pain. It’s the “oh my God, I can’t take much more of this or I’m going to go insane” kind of pain. To be more specific, it’s the “if this tooth does not stop hurting, I’m going to get myself drunk and let one of my close friends yank it out with a pair of pliers” kind of pain. My back molar is not happy. Perhaps I should explain why this is not a surprise.

I don’t think I know a single person who likes to go to the Dentist. Well, after this story you will have another reason not to go. When I was in high school, I had a bit of a pain in my bottom, left, back molar. After a trip to the Dentist that was covered by my father’s insurance, it was discovered that I needed to have a triple root canal on this tooth. Most people are fine with having one root done, but I needed three of the four that this tooth possessed worked on.

For those of you that do not know what a root canal is, let me describe it to you. First, the Dentist removes the crown of the tooth, the part that actually helps you chew your food. Then, after exposing the interior of the tooth, he drills down into each root that had been deemed bad. The goal is to drill out the nerve ending that is buried in each tooth, because it has supposedly died already and is causing the tooth to slowly die as well. Once this long hole has been drilled the length of your tooth down to the bottom of the root, the fun begins. What follows is a series of visits to the Dentist, in which the take small, circular files, like what carpenters uses to wear down uneven surfaces, and files out the hole that he has drilled until the whole has been worn larger and larger. Then you are sent home, with a medicated pad shoved down the hole, with a temporary crown to hold the whole thing together, until the Dentist has time in his schedule to do it to you again. They repeat this processes until the hole is big enough to fit a new root reinforcement bar (made of plastic) into the hole. Once each root is expanded to this size, the Dentist fills it with the plastic bar, and melts into place in your tooth. They then fill the tooth, since it is only a shell at this point, and put a new crown (or cap) on it.

This is what was done to me over the course of three months. It took so long because in the middle of said procedure, I had to have my lower wisdom teeth removed as well, since they threatened to come in and destroy the work that was being done. Once all was taken care of, I thought I was home free. After all, I had experienced the two worst oral surgeries that a person can under go, and both under local anesthesia, because that is all the insurance covered (yes, the pulled my wisdom teeth while I was a wake and only giving me six shots of Novocain).

One moth after my supposed freedom, I noticed a bump forming underneath my finally pain free tooth, and a bit of pain associated with it when I touched it. When I went back to the same Dentist, I saw a different Doctor. This doctor deduced that the previous doctor had screwed up, and over drilled on of the roots. This means that instead of stopping short of the tooth root wall, he drilled through it and into my gum line. The bump I had was due to an infection that was building underneath my tooth. This means I had to be referred to a specialist to undo the previous doctor’s work. But not only undo, redo the entire job because if they messed up on one tooth, they could have done something to the other two as well. So I went back to the oral surgeon, who redrilled my root canals and patched the job the other doctor screwed up.

When that was all done, the new doctor at the old office was left the task of finishing what was now a fourteen-month project. Understandably, my parents did not want me to go back to that office, and we never got around to have this procedure done. So I’ve lived my life since then, with a tooth that has been slowly wearing down over time.

That tooth has finally decided to scream at me for attention. Lucky for me I have a job now that had dental coverage. Sucks to be me for the next month as I wait for dental insurance to become active. For some reason health coverage started right away, but I have to wait for my dental to start. I now have this tooth that is really in pain, and I have to wait for four weeks from today before I can actually see a doctor about it.

Well, writing this post sure worked. I don’t know if the Ibuprofen has finally kicked in, or if it is the alcohol. Either way, I think I can go to sleep now that I do not have an annoying pain digging into the left side of my jaw.


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