We have a reception site for our wedding!!!!

Posted Thursday, April 14, 2005, 12:14 AM

Let the madness officially begin. My Fiancé and I have secured a reception site for our wedding. This has been the one key element that has kept us in engagement limbo land for a while. You can only plan so much, think about a certain amount of things that should be done, and prepare for stuff, until you reach a wall. Our wall was the realization that to have a wedding reception in the LA area, you need at least $1400 to turn the lights on at the cheapest of places. If you don’t have a place, you don’t have anything to plan around.

My landlady has offered to let us use her back yard for free. It’s a huge, expansive place, that seems to be the perfect place for our small reception. There is a place for a dance floor, a place for us to make a grand entrance, and a place for the guests to park. It’s also got fruit trees and this small gazebo looking thing with grape vines growing all over it. Our wedding theme happens to be a vineyard theme.

I’m sure in the days to follow, there will be plenty of rants about how stupid the wedding industry is and how retarded some things are that are expected of a couple getting married. I’ve already hit a lot of things that my Fiancé has had to explain to me at length before I finally gave up and just accepted as the way things are. Word to the wise, don’t get married unless you have a boat load of money to pay for the cost of getting married. In which case, if you do have the money, go to Las Vegas, get married there, and put a down payment on a house you can start your life in.


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