A Reason to be Thankful

Posted Thursday, July 14, 2005, 12:51 AM

I had an interesting thing happen today. I was at work and my cell phone rang. This morning had been exceptionally sucky, and I did not want to make the drive all the way out to Menifee, but I managed to drag my sorry butt out of bed and make the 62-mile commute anyway. Having been at work for only two hours, my cell phone rings, and for the first time ever while at work I am not in a Digital Roaming area. Thinking that this is a rare occasion, I answered it.

My Fiancé was on the other end. She had been in a car accident. My first impulse was to ask, “Where are you?” Like I could really do anything about it, because I was in Menifee and she works in Chino. She responds that she is at an Arco gas station, and she needed me to come get her because her car had a problem with the tire. She was, of course, crying and I did my best to stay calm. So I tell her that I’m on my way, get the freeway exit, let my school site know that I have to leave to go rescue my stranded Fiancé, and head on out for Chino.

During said hour long drive, I had a lot to think about. Things like: “God, we can’t afford to do any major repairs to her car right now, we have a weeding to pay for.” “Is she OK?” “Did she hurt herself?” These and other thoughts raced though my mind, as I speed through Riverside County, and headed into the Ontario/Chino area. After all, money is tight right now, and this could be really bad for us.

Then, it hits me. We had just gotten insurance for this car last week. And then I realize that if she had called me from a pay phone at a gas station, then she at least had to have been able to get her car to that gas station. I immediately started feeling a little more at ease.

When I arrive, I find her car in relatively good condition. As soon as she sees me, she grabs me in a death grip, and starts to tear up. Now, realize that my Fiancé hates it when she cries, so crying in public is a big deal for her. I calm her down, and take a closer look at the car. Tail light cover is broken, but not deformed or bent at all. There is a series of scratches down the entire length of the drive’s side of the car. The Driver’s side mirror has been cracked, and the assembly trashed and demolished. And, finally, the front passenger side fender if caved in a little bit, but not very much. There was also a piece of plastic sticking out of the passenger side front wheel.

I easily bend the plastic thing back into place, and find some duct tape to hold it in place just for good measure. I pop the hood to look and see everything is all right, and it is. Then I look at her and pronounce the car in ok shape, and drivable expect for the mirror. I then ask her what happened. In short, a car came up on her right side out of no where while she was merging lanes. She then over compensated, and the car spun out of control while barreling down the free way at 60MPH. She spun from the number 3 lane to the number 4 lane, and nicked an SUV on the way. Her car stalled, facing the wrong direction, and she had to right it. In the end, It is a miracle that she was not killed.

It might be a good time to mention that my Fiancé drives a Dodge Dynasty. The Honda Civic that started this whole thing, lost a rim and had to be towed because the Dynasty shredded the rim as if it were cheese. The SUV had a scrape down the side, and that was all. Everyone walked away, and everyone had insurance.

As I count the number of things that could have gone wrong today, I’m forced to pause and give thanks for what I have today. I could have lost the most precious thing on earth to me today, but she walked away with muscle pains. I spent the rest of the day just sitting with her and spending good quality time. Days like to day remind me how much I really have, in spite of the fact that I keep saying I have nothing.


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