Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Posted Friday, August 5, 2005, 04:43 PM

I love Tim Burton. I think he has one of the quirkiest, bizarre, funny senses of humor out there. And when I say, “out there,” I don’t mean left field. If the movie Men in Black is anywhere close to true, then Tim Burton is defiantly from another planet, just like Michael Jackson. And his partner in crime from the planet of “I’m to Sexy for My Own Good,” is Johny Depp.

I loved the Original Movie, with crazy man Gean Wilder staring as Willy Wonka. This movie did not disappoint. The old movie focused a lot on the going on of the Chocolate Factory, and gave a really good picture of what kind of roll parents have in the kinds of people their children will become. This new picture does the same thing with a new twist. The movie has been updated to fit not just today’s technology, but also to address things that kids these days actually do.

The new movie offers some great insight into who Willy Wonka is, and how he became the man he is in the movie. Also, we get to see Charlie interact with his family a lot more and get a better understanding of who Charlie is and why he is the person that makes the right decisions when others do not. With out giving away the ending, I will just say that the end of this one is different in substance but not in results from the older movie. Charlie is forced to make a very big decision at the end, that he did not have to make in the Gean Wilder version of this story. But in the end, I think this movie does a good credit to it’s predisessor.

Warning, If you see this movie, beware of the Umpa Luma dance sequences. They were the only part I did not like, as I have a thing against midgets.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Rated PG
Released 2005


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