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Tuesday, July 12, 2005, 04:37 PM – Reflections
This one goes out to all my fellow Harry Potter Fans. I read on a post today that Raincoast Books of Vancouver made a big boo boo. Apparently one of their book sellers sold 15 copies of the new Harry Potter Book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price, by mistake. Now, any other book in the world and this may not have been such a big deal. But apparently Raincoast has filed an injunction against “anyone who has already received a copy of the book,” forbidding them to reveal anything about the plot till the official release date this weekend. Apparently they are also asking them to return said books to the publisher, for keeping, until the day of release.

Now, I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series. But isn’t that going just a little too far? Sure, in America the laws are different and things work different, but this is just silly. How in the court supposed to enforce this kind of an injunction. We are probably talking about kids who are reading this stuff, or at least adults reading it, who are going to go right out and not only share what happens with their friends, but brag about getting one of the first ever sold. This is something you just can hold back once it is out there.

I just hope that his does not put a damper on things for the next, and last, book in the series. I can see this kind of a thing preventing companies like Amazon.com, or Barnes and Noble, from being able to do any kind of pre-sales, if it blows up into a big deal. I just never, in the years that I’ve been reading Harry Potter, could have imagined that any court would get behind something that would prevent childeren’s literature from being read, just because it happen to reach the public a few days ahead of the release date. I admit that I’m over simplifying things, but the core of the matter is kind of sad. I just excited that people are willing to read.

To read the article go to this artical


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