I Got a Job!!!!!

Posted Saturday, March 5, 2005, 09:14 AM

I found a Job! Finally, after three months of being unemployed, I landed a full time Job. Not the best pay in the world, but it is a full time job with benefits. I will now be working eight hours a day, and making money to pay my bills.

The place that has hired me is Youth Services of California in Riverside. I will be a Youth Councilor for them. Basically, they are a non-profit that helps relive the load of school councilors for elementary, jr. high, and high schools. I will be working full time with kids, as a councilor for the school. My main roll will be just talking with kids who either want to talk to someone, or who are referred by teachers. I’ll be spotting the signs of abuse, and other kinds of stuff. Basically, I’m a front line evaluator so that the school/district psychologist does not have to be everywhere at all times.

I’m excited. I have a full time job! I start training on Monday at the riverside base office, and then I get to commute to Menafee every day (near Temecula and San Diego). I get paid for mileage to and from work, I go home when school lets out, and I get to work with kids. Not bad for an entry level job.


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