Robert Fulghum: Maybe (Maybe Not), Second Thoughts from a Secret Life

Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 02:24 AM

I guess I have been on a big Essay kick since I started dating Teresa over a year and a half ago. Since then, she has introduced me to a number of books that have left me in stitches with laughter, made me think, and a whole plethora of emotions that I could go on and on about. This book made me go through all of them.

Robert Fulghum is a reinsurance man. He has been a High School and College Art instructor, a Unitarian Priest, a father, and a collector of stories. This book is a follow up to two other’s he had previously written. He uses this book as a chance to fill in all the stuff he wanted to talk about, all the stories he wanted to tell, that did not fit into the other books. He covers everything from Child rearing to Church management, and political correctness to political absurdity.

I laughed, I thought really deeply, I was touched, and I genuinely felt better about humanity and the comedy that is life, after reading this book. I recommend it for any one who has a sense of humor, and knows that life doesn’t really start until we can stop taking it so seriously.

A must read for anyone who enjoys/needs a good laugh.

Robert Fulghum
Maybe (Maybe Not): Second Thoughs from a Secret Life.


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