Robert Jordan: New Spring, the Novel

Posted Tuesday, February 8, 2005, 02:43 AM

Before I even picked up this book, I was biased against it. I am a big fan of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and have thoroughly enjoyed all ten books that he has currently released. But I was less than happy to find out that instead of releasing the next book in the series, he released a prequel to the story line. The story has evolved and developed so much at this point, to stop and go back to before the beginning seemed to be a waste of time.

That having been said, I enjoyed this book. Not on my top ten by far, but it was an enjoyable read. It places two characters from the series, who had previously been in the position of the older and wiser mentors of sort, back to the same relative age as the main Characters in the Series. It was nice to see Moiraine and Siuan as the ones that were left out of the loop because they were young, after being to of the most knowledgeable and powerful supporting characters in the series. I actually almost felt a sense of satisfaction seeing these two held in check for the first time, after being so vague and guarded with any of the information they hold in their head latter in the series. And it was nice to get the amount of back ground we did on both the world as well as the Characters.

Honestly, I hope that this is not a new trend for Robert Jordan. He already has a behemoth of a series ahead of him, and really needs to bring it to a close. He has been quoted in interviews as saying he originally thought he could do the whole story line in three books. I’m hoping that he can wrap it up on about three or four more. This book would have been a perfect thing to release, after the series had been completed. But otherwise it is just another great story that adds a lot of depth to two characters that really have lost all significance to the story at this point of the series.

I recommend this book to any Robert Jordan fans, because it classic fantasy at it’s best. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK unless you at least completed two of the other’s in the series. Otherwise, you will have no idea why any of it is significant at all.

Robert Jordan
New Spring: The Novel


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