South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2005, 05:02 PM

So, I finally got around to seeing the South Par movie. All of my friends, knowing that I’m the kind of person who usually loves these kind of movies, have been nagging me for a few years now to see it. But something always seemed to come up, and I just never got around to making time for it.

OH, MY GOD! I did not know if I should be completely offended, or laugh my self into a silly stupor, as I watched this movie. There were parts that were so grievously offensive, and parts that were so funny that came one right after another, that I sat in shock through the whole thing. I guess I should make a confession: I have friends who are Canadian. Yes, I know, you are probably thinking, “What kind of an American are you?” But, there you have it, I know Canadians. So watching this film hit home a few times. But it was really funny to see the “Mothers Against Canadians,” group whip the country into a frenzy and declare war on Canada.

This movie really is written on two very different levels. And these levels are so far apart that if you don’t pay attention you will miss a lot of what is “Actually” being said in this movie. Having never had cable, I have not had much access to the South Park TV show, but the few episodes I’ve seen ring true with the movie. The truth that comes across to me is that Americans, on the whole, are extremely ignorant as to how the world really works. When we get it in our head that something is right, we intentionally put our blinders on and walk down that road to see wrongs righted and things put straight. And as we do this, we ignore a lot of what other people are trying to say to us. Not that I’m a religious nut, but would we care if we were told that our actions could lead to Armageddon, or would we continue on and do what we think is right with out even considering the notion?

The other level of this movie is just straight up making fun of how serious people take life. There is a lot of potty humor, but I truly think that each scene has a very well made point about how parents assume things about kids, and how thing can get really screwed up if parents don’t actually listen to their kids and love them. Give a kid enough information, and they will act on it even if they do not have enough information to do so safely.

So run out ant see it. I recommend you accompany this movie with pop-corn, candy, and a few bottles/cans of your favorite brew to make sure you don’t get to uptight we the movie offends you; because it will. Nothing is sacred, everyone and everything is made fun of.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Rated R
Released in 1999


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