Unexpected, Long, Surpise

Posted Saturday, March 5, 2005, 09:49 AM

So, I’ve just accepted the job with Youth Services of California. I’m sitting at my computer, working on my novel, and enjoying the last few days of freedom before I return to the work force. Well, I have not actually called and accepted the job at this point, but I will the next morning when I’ve had a chance to think over if I really want to drive that far every day. Then, what should disturb my happy solitude but my cell phone; and it’s peek hours! “Who would be calling me at this time of day,” I think to myself. And with a caller ID blocked.

Out of curiosity, I answer it. It’s a guy who saw my resume on Monster and wants to know if I would be interested in a tech position with his company. Immediately I’m hit with punch to the gut. I explain to him that I had just been given an offer for a company, and that if they were really interested in me I would need to interview that day. I thought that would scare him off, but no it didn’t. He offered me a four o’clock time slot, and I agreed.

I got there, and the guy greeted me warmly. The place was only six blocks from my house, and I found it across the street from one of my favorite restaurants. They guy, lets just call him “Bob” for now since I don’t have the job and don’t really want to call attention to the company (other’s might be reading this and want the job ?), greets me and takes me to a room. He sits me down and explains what the company does, and what his roll is. He is leaving the company after seven years of service, and is hiring a few people to take his place.

I’ll save you the boring details, but the more he told me about the job, the more excited I got. This is a job that I literally have been dreaming about for the last few years. A chance to not only support computers and their users, but to get hands on experience with servers and network stuff too. The last job I had was just too big, and the requirements for the different tech work were too specific to float around and learn much. But this company is small enough that I can learn it all. And once I get the hands on stuff in the things I like, I can start to get certified in things. And that means a career path in technology that actually pays. Base pay for this job is 35K to 45K. It can only get better from here on out.

Now, I’m used to interviews ending there. The interviewer gets a feel for who I am, and I leave and wait for their phone call. But that was not going to be the case with this interview. When we was done, he brought the software developers into the room, and went to go find some other people too. So I sat and talked with the developers, and asked why they were brought in, and they stated that they were not sure. So we talked about the applications the company uses, how they work, and the kind of support that I would be offering for the applications. They liked me. We talked animatedly, trashing the windows platform, and talking about weird issues they were having with their printer ques jamming.

Then “Bob” came back and asked if I had any more questions. I asked him about all kind of stuff that came it my mind after talking with the software guys. He seemed impressed by what I asked. I asked simple stuff, like their virus protection solution, their firewall, their refresh cycle or their computers, and their disaster recovery contingency. Bob didn’t know how to respond the last one. I pointed out that their location was in the direct flight path of a local airport (latterly at the end of the run way), and if they had any plans for the unlikely event that a plan crashed into the building? He took a note, and said they have been thinking about it but did not have any real plans in place. Score one for me!

I thought I was done. Then he took me to see the Director of Operations, and the President of the company. I was tag team interviewed by two people who knew what they wanted from this potential hire, and they wanted me to give it to them with out them having to ask too many questions. After another round of major questions and answers, the President finally said that he was happy to hear that I had a good knowledge and back ground, but my resume did not reflect that. It seems that Bob had pulled one of my five resumes off monster, and it was not the tech resume but the sales resume. I thought I was sunk.

Then Bob took me over to talk to the guy from HR to talk about benefits and other stuff like that. The HR guy and I talked for a bit, and I got the feel of the company culture. Then the HR guy walked me out, and Bob intercepted us on the way to the door. He asked me to get a real resume to him, and to make sure I included any technical experience I had on it, as well as my skill set. Was this a second chance with the resume?

So…I await some kind of notification that I was either accepted or rejected. In the mean time, I start a job on Monday that will bring some money in. If this other job does not come through, then I still have employment. I can’t think of a better position for me to be in.

I showed up at the interview at 3:30. I left the interview at 5:30. I sure hope I got this job.


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