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Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 12:35 PM – Stuff About Me
A follow up to a previous post, my wife had a great bit of news this week. She auditioned for, and got, a part in the Bells of Bedlam musical group. She has her first rehearsal today! This is so awesome. She stressed out a lot about the whole process, and was convinced that she did not get the part. But she got the news on Monday, and has been so excited ever since.

She has been give the roll of an understudy at this point, until she learns her music and the acting parts they do. She will perform at all their local shows, and any of the out of area shows that she can make it to. The group is also planning on making a new CD soon, and possibly a DVD, that she would be a part of making. The group does not pay that much, but they are becoming more active and more popular. But money is not why she wanted this part. This is a tremendously fun and crazy group of people, and being a part of them is going to be an extremely fun experience for her.

Visit the bells webpage at http://www.bellesofbedlam.com


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