Back From the Dead

Posted Wednesday, October 19, 2005, 02:13 PM

OK, so I seem to have dropped of the face of the earth as far as my bolg is concerned. Well, that just means that I have accepted the truth that I wish so many other people would accept to: that the internet is not reality, and my blog is not the most important expression of my inner self. Besides, it isn’t like I have a huge fan base reading this. Just a few friends, who don’t really keep their bolgs up to date either. So there!

These last few months have been stressful. Not exactly hell, but I wouldn’t call them heaven either. Between planning a wedding, moving to a new apartment, change assignments at work, and actually pulling a wedding off, you might say that I have been a little strapped for time. I have been a married man for 10 days now, and I’m just now starting to realize how much stress I was under. No more planning, no more trying to get family to listen to why things are the way they are with the wedding, no more forking over every last dime to the endless pit known as the Wedding Industry, it is all done. Now I get to settle down with my wife, breath for a bit, and focus on the basics.

I’ve moved to the lower side of Upland, just off the 10 Freeway. Not the best neighborhood out there, but I’ve lived in much worse. For those of you who know the area, I’m right across the street from Boomers. Teresa and I are still moving stuff in from our last places of residence, and are slowly getting the place together. It’s very nice to finally have a place that is ours, that we do not have to share with anyone else. No split TV time, no having to be respectful of other people’s space, and the kitchen actually has stuff in it that we like and use. But I think the coolest thing of all is not having to say goodbye the woman I love at the end of the night to go to my home. I don’t have to drive home tired any more, and my bed is always warm.

The Honey moon was awesome!!!! Thanks to my grand father, we were able to actually have a honey moon. We spent the first day at Disneyland, and had a blast. Then we went to Solvang, just north of Santa Barbara, and to a little town called Los Olivos. Our friends Kelly and Joe go there all the time because of the excellent wine that you can get there. The tasting rooms are reasonably priced, and they do not distribute their wines to anyone so I can only get them there in Los Olivos or over the internet. We picked up some of the best wine we have ever tasted there, and are planning a trip back as soon as we can. We also had “THE BEST PORK I HAVE EVER HAD” that night. And I grew up on a farm and raised by own pork so I’m picky. Patrick’s Side Street Café, all I can say is that it was amazing.
We spent most of the next day on the road, and stayed in Freemont. From Freemont we took the BART into San Francisco, and stopped at “THE BEST PIZZA PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN TO.” Zachary’s Pizza serves Chicago Style pizza, and I have never had pizza that I can say was better. And it was reasonably priced too. Defiantly worth the trip up for the night, just to get the pizza. We spent the rest of the next day kicking it on peer 39 in San Francisco, having a wonderful time.
The last leg of our trip took us to Gilroy, for the last weekend of the Northern California Renaissance Fair. I know that even admitting that we did this for our Honeymoon makes me a geek, but I don’t care. Because there is nothing better then spending your day, walking around with a beer in your hands, eating food that is on a stick, dressed in a costume, looking at freaks in bizarre outfits, and watching live stage shows where the performers eat fire. Well, that is unless you get our own audience with the Queen, and she presents you with a medallion (which did happened to us). We had an absolute blast.

So now we are back. I’m getting the phone connected to our new apartment soon, so I should be able to do more frequent updates one that is done. Right now, I’m just enjoying being married, and the change of pace in my life.


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