I’m Getting Old!

Posted Thursday, November 10, 2005, 03:02 PM

A lot of my friends have been complaining recently that they feel old. But it has only recently that I have been feeling the same sentiment, and it bugs me. I don’t understand it. I’m only 26, I’m reasonably healthy, and my life could be a lot worse than it is now. Yet I still wake up in the morning feeling like I was run over by a Mac Truck the previous day, and that is only because I went to bed after 11 o’clock the night before.

Maybe my body is forcing me to get more than 5 hours of sleep in a night. Maybe I’m finally paying the price for all those years of college where I stayed up all night doing bizarre things in the name of fun, forgetting to actually sleep because I had a test at 8am the next morning. Or could it be that my body aches, my lack of motivation to actually go out at night, and my expanding waist line, have nothing to do with how old I am. Maybe it’s all a figment of my imagination! Maybe I will be waking up soon, only to find that I have been dreaming. Well, maybe Descartes was right and we don’t know that we actually exist other than the fact that we think. But if that’s the case, them I’m soon to be extinct as well.

Working with kids all day long sure has made me see a lot of things about myself that I did not want to acknowledge before. For instance, I used to be able to run around a playground with other kids and not be tired. I tried that the other day and almost killed myself. I used to think that all that matters in the world is getting home in time to see the Disney Afternoon to see Tail Spin and Duck Tails (woo ooo). Now I can’t wait to go home because I have so much to get done and I work hard it might get done. And there was a time when chocolate was the answer to all my pains, sorrows, and the reason God didn’t answer my prayers (But if I’m truthfully honest, the Apocalypse could come and I’d be happy just as long as I had a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Mood Magic: Chocolate Therapy). But now on a day to day basis I am reminded that I am no longer as spry as I used to be.

I also am starting to understand why my Dad used to say things he did. If you know my Dad at all, you’ll understand why that is scary in and of it’s self. But even scarier than understanding what he said, it’s not know why he stopped saying those things somewhere along the line. I see kids come through my office, and I have to find ways of telling them that making friends is important, and the friends they choose will effect the kind of people they become. I can remember that my Dad has said the same thing to me a few times, but I can’t remember when he stopped telling me. It makes me wonder how long I have till I stop giving advice because I’ve already said it so many times.

I think the worst thing in the world that ever happens to a person is not growing old. It’s accepting that they are old, and using it as an excuse to not do things they would have other wise done. As I get older, I’m drawn to those who are a much older than I and still poses that same spirit as the kids I work with. The spirit that believes anything can be done; the spirit that say that no matter what happens dreams can come true. And as I find my self-reflecting what the differences between the old codgers I know, and the young pups, I start to see who similar they are. The both see the world as a series of possibilities. The older ones simply see the potential in the younger to go places they never got the chance to. Maybe I’ll be one of those old people that the kids like to hang around. Maybe I’ll be the crazy old guy at church that sits and laughs at everything and no one really knows why. Hopefully, I’ll never stop encouraging people to do what they can to reach their full potential.


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