Into the Woods

Posted Thursday, March 16, 2006, 11:21 AM

In college I discovered the wonderful experience of the theater. No, I was not an actor, I was an audience member. You have to understand that I was not raised in what you might call a “cultural center,” and as such did not have things like live stage productions at my disposal that were beyond the high school dram productions. So theater, and especially musical theater, have found a very special place in my heart.

Having said that, my wife begged me to buy her “Into the Woods” on DVD. Being the wonderful husband I am, and wanting to fulfill my own desire to spoil my wife, I obliged and ordered it off of Amazon for only $12 with free shipping. What better way to make my wife happy than to give her Bernadette Peters?

I Loved it. I’ve seen other productions, for instance the one with Vanessa Williams at the Dorothy Chandler in LA, but this was really well done. Seriously, this is a very good story about people having to learn to make decisions for the first time, and living with the consequences of their actions. There is an amazing scene where everyone is trying to blame each other for what is going on, and the Witch basically has this really great song about how it’s always about who is to blame (because it’s never your fault).

On a musical note, this pay was insane. The music is almost chaos, but so precise and clear that you are forced to pay attention to what is going on. Any anyone who has any experience trying to sing will here the bizarre intervals and that the performers have to hit, and gawk with awe. And the words go by so fast that there are hardly any places to breathe.

The Plot? Well, think about some to the most famous fairy tale stories, bundle them all together, and them imagine each person in the story being introduced to how things work in the real world. Which is one of the main points of the story, the world is a bad place and if you are not willing to face it then bad things will happen to you when reality comes knocking at your door.

The movie was funny, a bit long, but worth every moment. I really like this movie and would recommend it to anyone.


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