Money Before Marriage: By Larry Burkett

Posted Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 01:04 AM

If you are an engaged couple, or a married couple, you have probably had someone recommended to you that you learn about how to manage your finances at some point. This book seems to have been a standard text, used by Pastors, to council couples for about the last six years. The author is a respected Christian financial advisor, who has some insight into how to manage your money in a way that is wise.

When I say some insight, that is because this book is really lacking in good logic when it comes to Mr. Burkett’s approach to what an engaged couple should expect of their financial situation, as they go into marriage. In a lot of places his recommendations, having no debit, never using credit cards, and not getting married until the couple can be supported by one of the spouses incomes, are so out of touch with the life and times of today’s economy. Maybe I’m just too pour to see past my circumstances at this point in my life, but all three of these criteria are almost unattainable for any couple that lives in the LA area here in California.

Aside from Mr. Burkett’s flawed perception of what life is like a down turned economy, in the second most expensive place to live in the US (NY City is the first), and from his blatantly pour interpretation of bible scripture to make his points, he also seems to ignore that fact that people get married that are poor and do not have the financial wherewithal to save any of their income, because they are paying off credit card bills and other expenses that are required not for pleasures in life, but for the every day essentials such as food, gas, and clothing.

Now, there is a very cool part about this book, that actually out weighs the crappy finical advice, and pour representation of the bible’s stance on finances. This is the part of the book written by Micheal E. Taylor., the personality test. This book includes worksheets and personality tests for each spouse. My fiancé and I actually communicate very well with each other, and have talked a lot about how to manage and budget finances. But the test helped us understand why we frustrate each other when we discuss these things. The Test not only helped us to see what we are like in terms of how we think about money, it helped us put words to the way we feel or think. That allowed us to actually talk about and come up with ways we can help not frustrate the other person in our daily tasks.

All in all, the book was worth it just for the personality test. However, my Fiancé and I are the kind of people that love to take these kind of tests. We also have a very open line of communication, and enjoy talking about issues that can help us not argue as much in the future. If you are this kind of person, buy this book for you and your spouse/future spouse. The gold mind of information that you will get from the test alone can help you get your marriage off to a wonderful start, or lead you in a new direction. The financial stuff is ok…but should be taken with a very large grain of salt.

Money Before Marriage: A financial Workbook for Engaged Couples
Larry Burkett with Michael E. Taylor
Moody Press
ISBN 0-8024-6389-4


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