Over the Hedge

Posted Sunday, May 28, 2006, 05:50 PM

The DreamWorks machine put out a new animated movie this year, and I really like DreamWorks films. Ever since they released “The Prince of Egypt,” I’ve had a high respect for both the technical and story telling ability of the people at DreamWorks. Over the Hedge did not disappoint.

The basic idea is that there is a raccoon named RJ, who likes human food. His addiction to this food gets him into trouble with a bear named Vince. Needless to say, he has to get Vince a lot of food by the end of the week or forfeit his life.

Enter an odd pack of foragers who have just awoke from hibernation to find that a housing development has been erected around them. The only remains of their forest home has been left as a nature walk for the suburban sprawl that has been erected over the winter. RJ shows them that Humans are not a thing to be feared, but are a bless in disguise.

This whole movie is just good, old fashion, slap stick, and witty comedy. The cast is a great collection of talent ranging from William Shatner to Eugene Leavy. My wife and I could not stop laughing out loud, many times.

This is a must see movie for anyone with kids, and is also written so that adults will laugh. For once, good clean family fun, and an really great sound track to boot by Been Folds Five.

Over the Hedge
Rated PG


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