The Faire is Over…untill next year

Posted Thursday, October 19, 2006, 10:17 AM

What a ride!

OK, I’ve finished my run of the Northern California Ren Faire. It was so much fun. I loved performing with the Belles. It was so good to be able to learn music again, to work at it, memorize it, and perform. I really miss it from my days of college and choir. And this time around it was a lot more adult and fun in nature. I loved being dirty, and loved the fact that my wife and I got to do it together.

Notes for next year’s faire, if I get to do it.

1. Air mattress is a must for sleeping on the ground, and other things as well.
2. Bigger tent would be nice
3. Figure out how not to rip inseam of my pants, every week.
4. Do not camp in the middle of Constable camp if you want to sleep
5. Camp in Constable camp if you want to get drunk off your butt.
6. The Guard ROCK!!!!, and have really good after hours BB-Q
10. Must work on accent

There were moments that I wondered if I was going to have a good time or not, but things always worked themselves out in the end. The group is a really great bunch of people. I’ve been asked if I would consider playing for them again, and I’ve said yes. So we will see what happens.


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