The transition is done

It only took me a week to do it, but I’ve transitioned all of my old blog posts into my new WordPress site. All I have to say is that Dial-Up internet is almost as bad as that sound the chalk board made in school (yes, I know they don’t have them any more, but it’s a unique experience).

I think I’m going to like being on this new service. WordPress just seems to be logically laid out, and very intuitive for me. At first I was very lost trying to figure out what all of these links and categories were, but when I stepped back and thought about how a blog site “should” be laid out and organized, it all made sense. Go figure, I had to unlearn all the stuff I had learned.

Also, it will be nice to be part of a large community. My last blog was an island all to it’s self, on a small server, and only my friends knew it was there. Now I can be seen by all sorts of people. Yes, I’m feeding my inner ego, get over it. You think I write a blog because I care what people think about what I say. I just want them to read it :).

Stay Tuned to see who this goes.


~ by trinity777 on November 9, 2006.

One Response to “The transition is done”

  1. The same reaosn why I switched from using Yahoo 360 which was a Yahoo version of My Space to this. It’s much more “professional” I think. And you can also submit your blog into search engines much better.

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