Waiting On Pins and Needdels

Posted Friday, March 24, 2006, 01:21 PM

I had a really good experience with my Job interview this week. I was really nervous about the second part of the process, being as I have not really had any substantial time working on a PC, other than the random stuff I do at work to help coworkers with their problems. Needless to say, I felt very ill prepared for a person to evaluate my performance of such an exercise.

It was relatively painless. They put me in front of a Dell machine that was about 5 years old, and said the customer was complaining that it ran slow. The guy I was interviewing for gave me a check list, told me to have fun, and then left me to my self. If I had any questions I was to ask. I looked at the check list and found the first item was to run a program called Ad-Aware. I found a disk waiting for me that had the program and thought to myself, “I know Ad-Aware, this is going to be easy.”

And it was. I ran three spyware checks, a virus check, removed about forty entities that were causing a lot of resource problems, and ran windows update. By the time I was done I noticed the machine had only 192MB of ram, not virus checker, and no word processor that I could find other than Notepad (comes with windows). So I found the guy who was supposed to be watching me, and said I had done everything on the list I could but had a few questions. He came back with me and I asked him if the company sold software as well.
“Why do you ask,” was his response.
“Because not only can this computer use a major RAM upgrade, but it has no anti virus program, and no word processor. We could see the customer on it now, and install it for them, and hand them a computer better than when it was working good.”
He smile, handed me a price list, and told me to call the customer and sell them on it. He also showed me the price list of “installation services.” I talked the customer into buying all of it, installed all of it, and even generated the invoice in quick books. I handed the invoice and check list to the guy, and he was very happy. I had not only shown that I’m a competent trouble shooter, I’m a good salesman as well.
They paid me $30 for my time, and sent me on my way. I was told to call them on Friday if I had not heard back from them by then. So I’m counting down the hours till it is “appropriate” for me to call and ask. They are really busy and barely had enough time to interview me. But I really want to know if I got the job. I hope I did.


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