Who Do They Think They Are?

Posted Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 04:37 PM

A web forum that I frequent was recently hacked, and the responsible party basically corrupted most of the date that had been posted. The webmistress (don’t think anything dirty you sick-o’s) was forced to revert to a back up of the database that was six months old, which is a lot of time for an online community. The hacker left his name, and openly mocked the administrator for not securing the site. All in all it was a very frustrating experience.

It got me to thinking about hackers, and about people in general. What is it about people that allows them to think that because they are able to take something or someone down, that they should? But even more than that, where does this idea that if a person does not know enough to prevent something they deserve what they get, come from? Granted, I used to be really into computers, and I used to have a lot of fun messing around with people’s heads in college that were in my dorm. But I never full out attacked anyone, and only messed with people that I knew personally. How does one cross the line to make the decision to destroy a system just because they can?

This is not limited to hackers. Some people believe in karma, that bad things come back to you because you deserve it. Yet there exists this underline belief that some people hold, that if you are unable to keep up you deserve what you get. Is this just a new form of natural selection, or is it more an extension of self-centeredness? Do hacker break systems, do people let other suffer, because they believe that their own superiority give them the right and privilege to stand in judgment? Or do they become so blinded by their own achievements that their perception of a persons quality is measured in terms of achievements?

Deep thoughts, I know. But important questions usually are spawned by deep thoughts. If you have an opinion on, “Why hackers take down systems,” post your thoughts.


~ by trinity777 on November 9, 2006.

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