Yeah for Harry Potter

Posted Friday, November 18, 2005, 12:43 PM

OK, so this is not going to sound like I’m acting my age, but I don’t care. I’m still in my 20’s, and I intended to act like a teenager even when I’m in my 30’s.

So my wife e-mails me today and I respond telling her that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out today. I also let her know that I’m willing to take her if she would like to go, because I want to see it too. She said, let’s do it. I have not been this excited about a movie coming out since the last Star Wars movie (a major disappointment) was released into theaters.

I like Harry Potter. It’s a lot of fun. And I know that a lot of my fellow Christian’s out there disagree with me, but I think it is a wonderful series. I can’t wait to see how this movie comes out.

Harry Potter Website


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2 Responses to “Yeah for Harry Potter”

  1. Why do you like Harry Potter? What is it that made you become a fan of the books/movies? When and how did you become a fan? Share your stories with us!
    Personally, I've been a “Harry Potter” fan for a few years, having first discovered 'Philosopher's Stones' at the tender age of 10. I became a real fanatic
    at 12 when I read 'Prisoner of Azkaban' and have been truly Potty ever since! Now I'm nearly 19 years old and eagerly awaiting/dreading the release of book

  2. Take a look at my post “On Harry Potter” for the answer to your questions. You comment sparked such a reaction from me that I carried on at length. I decided it should be it’s own post, not just a comment off on another post.

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