You mean if I actually say what I want….

Posted Friday, August 11, 2006, 01:19 PM

I’m one of those people who does not really take an active interest in politics. I know that I should be interested, I know that I should be more informed, but I hate politics and the way it makes me apathetic about the future of our society. That having been said, I ran into an interesting current event that peeked my political interest.

Apparently Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut has been slaughtered in the Primaries by a new Democratic candidate. Big deal right? Well, it is actually. Lieberman was a running mate for the Pres. Election for a reason, the Democrats liked him. Or at least they did. Apparently the Democrats the Nutmeg State have changed their minds about a lot of things and ousted him. They choose a candidate who’s big platform issue was that he thinks it’s time to stop getting into senseless wars and making bad foreign policy. He also has an army of supporters that backed him, but not the kind you would suspect.

When I was a kid, if you were a political activist you were either an old person assembling sings at the local head quarters, or you were some wacko who was getting beat down on TV by riot police. I don’t know why, but for some reason there was no middle ground between the two extremes. Well now there are these groups like These are activists that are all part of a new “netroots” movement. Don’t take the retarded name for granted, these people have typical media tycoons really scared.

These days people can put their opinion out there for anyone to see, and not even know how many people see it. If you are in High school, you go on My Space and try to get as many friends as you can. If you are older and a little bit more grown up, you put up a blog and try to get a lot of people to comment on it. Apparently the blogers in Connecticut were such a problem for the Lieberman camp blames them for their failure on may counts. But the stranger thing to see is that the news media has resorted to saying things like, “anti-American,” “left wing wackos,” and “crazy nitwits.”

In my effort to get down to the heart of what really had all of these people so upset about people expressing their opinion (we are Americans last time I checked), I ran across this article on the LA times website. Strangely, it has helped me take a step to restoring my faith in American’s ability to right it’s self. If the people actually say something about what they want from their government, and then get off their butt and vote, things change. Connecticut sent a strong message to the Democratic party, as well as all the other political parties (there are more than two you know), that the way we do business is no long acceptable to the people of this nation.

Maybe things will change this election


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