Zorro: The Legend of Zorro

Posted Monday, November 14, 2005, 04:21 PM

Any time I see a remake of an idea, or a sequel to a good movie, I have a certain set of expectations that just can not be put aside. If I’ve spent a whole movie getting to know a character, they had better still be the same person for the next movie, or have a really good reason not to be. The story of Zorro has taken so many shapes over the years, it is like trying to make a movie of any of the Marvel Comic characters. So many people have such different interpretations that have set a president, and now you have to combine them all into one real character for a movie. This one was very well done.

On the heels of The Mask of Zorro, we get another story about the secret life of Don Della Vega. If you remember at the end of the last film, he got the girl and lived happily ever after. Well…we find out that it was not so happy after all. Something about Daddy running off all the time to save the people from danger, but never being home for his own son or his wife. This movie explores the reality of being a secret super hero, and a father, and a husband, and still being able to remember who you are.

The only problem I had with the movie was that it’s based on a few misconceptions about California before it become accepted into the US as a state. It also makes a few interesting leaps when it comes to the portrayal of the Civil War (but I have issues with what most history books say about that anyway, and will never win that battle). But they do a good job of developing a very good story, with very well developed characters across the board. And the boy cast as the son of Zorro was such a find, he stole almost every scene he was in. He was awesome.

All in all, a great film. I like the feel of a Indiana Jones film: fun, light hearted, but not afraid to talk about something that is very hard and controversial. This movie was a lot of fun.

The Legend of Zorro
Rated: R
Released Oct 2005


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