I fancy myself an aspiring writer. It’s kind of cliché, I live in the LA area and I want to be a fiction author, but it’s true. The problem is that in order to be a writer you have to actually sit down and get things done.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I’m supposed to be working on a project for a group I belong to. We are compiling a Christmas book that will be our present to each other this year, instead of everyone spending money to exchange gifts (remember, we are all aspiring writers which is another way of saying poor). So I have my piece sort of put together but I just don’t want to work on it right now. It’s due latter this week.

It could just be that I have to write something that incorporates a theme of Christmas carols, and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I live in California, where we are currently finishing up a heat wave where the temperatures were 101 degrees this week, and everyone was wearing shorts and polo shirts at work. It’s kind of hard to get into the Christmas caroling spirit when your sitting in front of a fan with the AC turned up, and sitting in your boxers and a wife beater just to stay cool.

Is there a point to this post? No. Just one more way to put off working on telling a memory of from my childhood to share with some fellow writers. OK, now that I’ve vented maybe I can get some work done.


~ by trinity777 on November 11, 2006.

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