Audios Reallity!

You know what I find really funny: the shock that people express when they see celebrity’s make fools of themselves. I don’t understand it, but magazines make millions of dollars every year just because people can’t get enough of the gossip the follows big stars. In fact, most people would agree that bad press for a celebrity can be just as good as good press, and in sometimes even better. What is it that drives this?

If you look any blog site today, or just search on goggle, you will see the huge big deal people are making about Brittany Spears and her lack of ability to put on underwear. It appears that she has taken up a wild and crazy life style, since she has left her old flame K-Fed (Fed-Ex as some are calling him). And people seem to be upset by this. Brittany is the mother of two, and should not be seen at the gas station in a short skirt that exposes her privet parts to the world.

Who cares! Brittany is a celebrity. By sheer definition of the word, she is crazy. Anyone who thinks that celebrities must live by some code of conduct that is even on par with normal humanity is missing the point entirely. We like to watch celebrities for the same reason people watch Soap Operas, the first few weeks of American Idol, and shows like Survivor: No matter how good of a person you are, as a humans we get satisfaction out of watching a freak show.

This is not a new idea. Circus performers have been doing this for centuries. The original word “Geek” was the name of a person who would bite the head off of a chicken as part of a show. While porn is the number one use for the internet, the most abundant sites are dedicated to some of the crazies stuff you may have never even imagined. We talk about people having “Rock Star Moments,” as if earning a badge of honor. And, just incase you didn’t realize it, the celebrities know that we like to watch them.

Kenny Chesney, a one of the most fun loving country artists I’ve ever heard, made a hit song “When you’re a Celebrity.” And it really it’s home in light of this whole “Panty-Gate” situation. We can’t expect celebrities to have any concept of reality, only arrest them for breaking the law. If Brittany has broken any laws, then put her in jail and take her kids away like we do with other criminals. But until she breaks the law, this is America. If a white-trash, recently divorced mother, wants to walk around with no underwear on, then let her do so and violate a number of penal codes. It’s her constitutional right to break the law if she chooses to.


~ by trinity777 on November 30, 2006.

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