My Christianity is better than your’s

I saw this as I was looking through my tag surffer Are you A Christian or a Christ Follower I just had to stop and throw up.

I’m sorry, but who gives a shit? I’m sick and tired of Christians trying to one up each other by saying things like, “are you a Christ follower, or a Christian.” Come on people, wake up! Are we back on the play ground in grammar school? I know 3rd grade girls who are not that petty and self absorbed.

If you are a Christian, you follow the teachings of Christ (unless you go to an contemporary evangelical church, then you follow what your pastor says the teachings of Christ are), as they are set forth in the bible. Yes, I’m sorry for those protestant elitists like Baptists who think that no Catholic will ever get into haven, but they are following the teachings of Christ. But it seems that the only way that some people can feel ok with their own personal religious practices is to compare themselves to others around them. Well, I’m more Christian than you because I go to church, or bible study, or work with the homeless. Anyone who actually creates a distinction between a person who “Is a Christian” and who just thinks the teachings of Christ were groovy to follow, is setting themselves up only to judge others.

Here is what I think. If we all just actually listen to the teaching of Christ, and start looking out for people around us for no other reason then they are people that God loves, and stop making a show of everything we do, we may actually find that God is not as fire and brimstone as the church would have us believe. After all, Israel only got punished for saying they would do something then not. God never punished people for showing his love to everyone they came across. In fact, the only time God punished people in the bible is when the were a) oppressing other people or b) when a person/group/people would say one thing and did another. What the fuck does that have to do with “how Christian are you?”

OK, so it’s a rant, ok, so it’s a vent, and yeah I’m going to hell because I say things like Fuck and Shit. However, would you rather I went to hell for lying about my feelings and using other words that were not what I truly thought? You know what, forget the Christians. Reserve my spot in Hell next to Nietzsche, Bob Marley, Martian Luther, and any other free thinker who ever tried to tell “Christians” to fuck off and realize that organized religion is set up by man, run by man, and perpetuated by man, and is therefore not of God by definition. Stop making the Christian community look like a retarded collection of short sighted pop culture addicts, that have to find the latest greatest way of selling their religion so people will buy it. God’s been around since the beginning of time, I think he is going to be around for bit longer and that people will react better if they are not being bombarded with door to door Christianity Sales men/women (yes, God loves women too).


~ by trinity777 on December 22, 2006.

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