2006 Top Ten

As stated in a previous post, I do not like New Years resolutions. However I did see something on a friend’s blog that I that would be cool to do. Basically it a wrap of the best of 2006, so here is the top ten for 2006:

10. Went wine tasting in Temecula (Near San Diego)
9. Made some major headway on the fantasy book I’m writing
8. Got assigned to work at an after school program, called HalfTime, for my agency
7. Helped my wife write a story that many people have received very well
6. Intervened in two suicide attempts at my schools that were serious
5. I’ve touched the lives of five kids who I hold dear to my heart
4. My wife and I both (at separate times) joined the Bells of Bedlam
3. Forged new/stronger friendships with people in my life
2. Forgave myself for loosing my job almost 2 years ago
1. Celebrated my one year wedding anniversary to the world’s most wonderful woman

That about wraps up the best of the best. Sometimes it is important to actually force yourself to think of the good things that happened in the past. For me, it took a while to remember all of these things because, honestly, last year was one of the hardest in my life. But, so much good did happen, and I’m looking forward to trudging on with this new year to find what new and exciting things await me.


~ by trinity777 on January 5, 2007.

One Response to “2006 Top Ten”

  1. Well done tim! sounds like some pretty big things happened in 06.

    congrats on the your 1st year of marriage. it only gets better (as does the lovin =)

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