I’m about to leave the dark ages!

I placed an order for DSL back in Nov. At the time I found out that a friend of mine was able to get DSL without turning on his phone for his apartment, so I asked the Verizon rep if I could do that too. I was told that yes, but it cost more. Turns out the cost of this ADSL was less then paying for my monthly phone service, and since I my wife and I only use our cell phone it made since to switch and kill our phone service to our house.

Well…apparently ADSL does not get installed very quickly by Verizon, and I’ve been waiting since the beginning of Nov and heard nothing from Verizon about it. I received 5 e-mails this week, saying that the line had been checked, the installation had been authorized, the equipment has been shipped, and that everything is going according to plan. If all goes well, tomorrow I will be surfing the web, from home, at a decent speed, for the first time in over a year.

Woo Hoo!


~ by trinity777 on January 9, 2007.

One Response to “I’m about to leave the dark ages!”

  1. It’s a wonderful thing to come out of the dark ages. I was using dial-up until just a little while ago, and it’s such a nice change.


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