Pack your bags!

I’m sitting at my desk at work. This is the last time I will use this employer’s net access for my own personal use. Today I will turn in my key, collect my last pay check, and leave never to return.

It’s actually really weird. I’ve cleaned out my desk. So all the pictures my students have drawn form me over the last two years, the photos, and random art stuff, it’s gone. I’ve got a black wall in front of my computer screen. My desk is actually clean for once. My laptop bag is light as a feather. It’s kind of unsettling.

I spent today filing all my final paper work and writing two things. I wrote a good-bye letter to my co-workers and a lengthy response to the question, “How was your experience here.” I’ll turn latter into HR at my exit interview, and the former I printed at put in everyone’s mailboxes for my department. It’s really interesting how different in these two things ended up being. The good-bye letter was warm and heartfelt, and thanked everyone for being such a great group of people. The thing for HR was a cautious and firm statement saying exactly what I thought of the administration and how things are heading in a very bad direction. It was actually emotionally draining to do both of these right up against each other.

So now I wait. I think my boss is taking me to lunch in a bit, but other than that I have nothing to do. I’m going to miss the work here. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ve found out things about life and myself that I would not have been able to do anywhere else. There is one picture I am taking home with me, and I feel silly about doing it to honest. But it’s from a girl who finally discovered herself, and was able to accept that she was normal even though her dad is in jail. There are a hand full of other stories like hers that I have had been fortunate enough to witness, but this one sticks out in my mind. So, as silly as it seems I’m taking it home even though I know that in a few weeks I’m going to throw it away.

Monday I start a new job. A new challenge, a new chapter in my life, a new start as it were. But for today I think I’ll take a few moments to reflect on why I did love my job here even though the administration sucks.


~ by trinity777 on February 23, 2007.

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  1. Good luck on your next adventure, Trinity.

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