Time to Hibernate?

Figure that now that I have a real job that I am not on my blog as much as I was. I have survived two full weeks at my new job and I love it. I’m answering phone calls now, I’m help people install stuff, and I’m even learning SQL query. Next on my list of things to do once I get settled in and good with the query stuff, is to figure out how to set up a secure mail server that will also block spam coming in form the outside! I’m back in the world of geek, and I’m loving it. Bring on the pain! I can take it!!!

And speaking of pain, my life as I know it will be put on hold for twelve weeks starting tomorrow. Why, you may ask. The Southern California Renaissance Faire start’s it workshops for performers this weekend. I will be taking required workshops on everything form language usage, to vocal projection, to improve. Oh, and don’t forget that I’m also going to be in rehearsal because the Belles of Bedlam are the reason I’m able to perform at this faire. The sick thing about all this is…I’m so looking forward to it, and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way.

So If I do not update my blog for about, lets say three months, that is way. No I did not die. No I did not give up on my wordpress blog. I just have a life that is going to end for a while, but I will get it back in the end. Just in time to sacrifice it to the next faire in September. If you’re lucky I’ll post some pictures.


~ by trinity777 on March 10, 2007.

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