The Dust Settels

Literally, the dust is settling. For the last three months I have been doing this thing called The Southern California Ren Faire. Four weekends of training workshop and rehearsals. Followed by seven weekends of Faire and weekly rehearsal. To give you a picture in tangable terms, I have not slept in past 6:00am a single day for the last 4 months.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah. I got to get up on stage, 5 times a day, Saturday and Sunday, and preform with some really great people. We made people laugh, and cheer, and smile. We sang pretty music for our song sets and the people smiled and swayed in their seats. We did a great family show for Children of all ages, and made families laugh a smile. We told dirty jokes and sang bawdy songs for our NC-17 shows and had people rolling with laughter. That alone was worth the sweat, the tears, and even the blood shed over the course of the run.

The highlight of this fair had to be the day we had a lot of fun with the queen. The Head of Household for the Queen’s Guard set it up as if she had baked a cherry pie for the Queen. So as the Queen is sitting down for lunch, we walk by the table as if we did not realize she were sitting there with the guard having lunch. Oh, and we had cherry pie filling smeared all over our faces! So the Head of House Hold grabs a couple of us by our ears and drags us in front of the Queen to tell her we had eaten her cherry pie. Lots of laughs had by all. She made us apologize and sing a song for her to make up for it.

There were a lot of really great little moments during the run as well. The people that I preform with are such giver. A really supportive bunch of people, even if we do get on each other’s nerves from time to time, everyone really is looking out for each other. The new people who just joined a few weeks before faire madness started had a lot thrown at them, and they jumped right in with both feet to pick it all up.

So what am I going to do now that faire is done? Get ready for the next one! Actually I’m going to spend Memorial day weekend getting my car to pass smog, then the next weekend I have another faire in Big Bear. Then I’m off till August as far as Bells stuff is concerned.

That’s all for now, I’ll try to keep more updated as things go on. Work is really busy right now because we released a new version of our software and the support desk is flooded with calls. But work is fun, and I love my job. So untill next time, I’ll see you next time.


~ by trinity777 on May 22, 2007.

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