Blatant and Shameless Advertising of A Favorite Artistes:

OK, so those of you who know me know that I can have my moments of extreme dedication and fanaticism (I’m a reactionary by nature, what can I say). I have listened to a pod cast on iTunes for a while that one of them members of my favorite Ren Faire Group does. It’s call “The Angry Folk Music and Infantile Humor Show,” and it’s a lot of fun.

Why do I bother bringing it up? Because I came home the other day from work and found my wife listening to the latest pod cast that had downloaded to my iTunes (God bless automation, I’d have to work otherwise). She looked up at me and said, “This is funny, you have to hear this.” I looked at my wife in shock. I obliged her, of course, and sat down and listened to episode 7 of the show. Latter she made a statement that she liked it and thought it was really funny. That is when I said, “But when I played the first episode for you, you told me you did not like it.” Her response was classic. “Once I got past the intro for the first show, I was good.

The show opens up with the same theme song, like most shows, but has a different tune that the worlds are sung to for each episode. The first one was sung to a series of fart and belch sounds that were all musical in nature. Once my wife got past that, she was good.

So, if you are not easily offended, and you have a sense of humor, or you are a fan of the “World Famous, Poxy Boggards,” or the “Globally Renowned Merry Wives of Windsor,” give this pod cast a listen. And give the a 5 star review while your at it :). This addvertisment has been in no way authorized by Trim, Pecker, and Balls Shipping and Holding (mostly holding). Thank you.


~ by trinity777 on June 9, 2007.

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