After a year, it’s time for a little change

So I found a new Theme for my website. I know, for some people this is an everyday occurrence. Some people change their theme every time their mood changes in a day. I am not one of these people. I really like my old theme, but I wanted something different. I saw this on has two sidebars to keep my widgets in, so I went with it to see if it functioned a little more friendly than my last theme. And, true to form, while it does not look as cool it does seem to easier to interface with.

There are some new things happening, aside from the theme change. In another theme change of sorts my wife and I are looking at having a Kid. Well, that not a change, we’ve been “talking” about it for a while. But now we are actually taking steps forward in that endeavor. And before your dirty minds start to get ahead of me, I’m talking about getting into a semi-responsible place in our lives before we bring a child into this world. I’m now in a place at my job where we are not going to have to not pay bills in order to pay other bills, rotating them out each month. We will actually be able to make rent, and bill, and still be able to get luxurious items such as food for us to eat, and gas to make the car go to work, without having to skip any of these important items. Now that I’m past my probation at work, I get health care that I don’t have to pay for out of my paycheck.

So are plan thus far looks like this. My wife has been struggling to find a job for over a year and a half now. Now she does not HAVE to get a job for us to survive. But if she gets a job we can afford to do things like pay off credit card debt, put money in saving, and treat ourselves every now and again to special things like gifts for Birthdays (also a new thing to us) and dinner at a nice restaurant every so often. And, we have learned how to live on less than our budget requirements, so we can do all of these things at once and not go any further into debt. So if my wife can find a job, our goal will be to get our debt paid off, get her health insurance, and get her pregnant. We hope this can happen in the next year. So, yeah for us!

Another change is that I’m taking a fresh look at my fantasy story I’ve been writing, and trying to rewrite it from a different perspective. This is different than the other times I’ve started over, because the story plot line is still intact but will be told form a different point of view. I just kept finding a whole bunch of characters that I really loved were stealing the spot light from the main character. I’m going to focus it a little bit, write the story arch about her first, and then add more about the other characters latter IF AND ONLY IF it furthers the story.

So lots of change is happening. Well, for me it’s a lot of change. After all I like to keep things predictable, and anytime things start to move quickly I get a little uncomfortable. But right now the pace is fairly steady, but no so fast I can’t see what is ahead of me. I like that.


~ by trinity777 on June 17, 2007.

One Response to “After a year, it’s time for a little change”

  1. i can actually see the text on your blog now. i like it! anyhow good luck with the whole pregnant thing! its good times.(allot of work…but good times)

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