D&D goes Lord of the Rings

My Friend Lynn sent me a link and said I had to read at least a few of the posts for this comic strip she found. The site is called Twenty Sided. I will admit that I played a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons in college (I was a single male with geek friends and it kept us out of trouble), and for that time of my life it was so much fun to play. The guy who writes this comic strip has played for years and has a lot of time as a DM. For those not familiar with the game, the Dungeon Master and writes scripts and campaigns for the game, and people spend weeks getting through the game the DM has created. This comic combines all the frustrations of being a DM, with all the random geek culture stuff that non D&D people will find funny to, and uses the Lord of the Rings as a back drop for it’s comedic wit.

My friend pointed out to me that the Lord of the Rings universe was one of the original realms that the first D&D players turned to model their worlds. It was a rich, enchanted, magical place, and they built their characters off of Tolken’s world. Well the game is a far cry from those days, so much so that going on an epic quest could be really boring. This comic walks through a modern scenario of what would happen if a DM tried to walk some guys through the Lord of the Rings story, as a campaign. I know it sound stupid, but I found myself laughing really hard a lot of the time.

Take a look. Start with the first one, and it just gets better after that.


~ by trinity777 on July 14, 2007.

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