Harry Potter: And the Order of the Phoenix

I love Harry Potter. I’m a big fan of the books, and I really love the story that unfolds in a very well constructed fantasy universe. As such, I have not really been satisfied with any of the movie releases when I first see them. Over time I warm up to the fact that the moves really do stand as their own story, and I can judge them from the stand point of what they are meant to be as opposed to what I had hope they would be.

First and foremost, this movie is an ADAPTATION. So a lot was left out in order to fit it on the screen. However, I understand most of what was cut was do so in order to make the film come in under budget. If I have one criticism of the film, and this continues to happen as more movies are released, it is that there are minor characters that just are not be utilized to their full potential. I find myself looking at Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, and other amazing actors, THE BEST OF THE BEST from England, and their parts are becoming bit parts. Mind you most of these rolls are supporting characters, but when you assemble this much talent in one place, it bothers me when what little screen time they get is sometimes not play true the characters from the book, or has been turned into something else entirely.

What did I like about this movie: This was the best looking Harry Potter to date. From set design, to costumes, to the greens department, and the cinematography, this movie looked awesome. You really felt like you were in a real place. And there was not a single visual effect that did not either further the story, or give a quick and concise detail about a person’s character. You could tell that a lot of attention was not just spent on detail, but on detail that would matter for the final view experience. The Plot was very fast paced, and did not really give you a time to rest. By the end of the film you almost feel as tired as Harry does.

So that’s that. Don’t take the little kids to this one, it is the darkest one yet. But if you are reading along in the books you would know that before you went to the film, and they are only going to get more dark as they go on.

BTW: Friday the last book is released!!!!!!


~ by trinity777 on July 19, 2007.

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