Harry Potter, And the Deathly Hollows

Talk about a lot of pressure. When J.K. Rowling finished writing book three of the Harry Potter series, did she know how big the last of the 7 book series would be? Did she know that there would literally millions of fans that would be waiting to see how it all ended, who would die, who would live, and why things go the way they were? That is a lot of weight to bear when you sit down to write the seventh, and final, installment of a story that you have pored your heart and soul into for so long. In my opinion she pulled it off well.

I promise not to spoil anything, so let me just stick to the basics. When you pick this book up you had better have a lot of time to dedicate to it. From about page 5 till about three quarters of the way through the book you are hit with non-stop movement. If it’s not action, your hit with an important revelation about something that has gone unanswered for the last few books. If not a new bit of information, you are hit by an emotional mile stone for some character that you never realized was so important to the story until now. Rowling grabs you by the ears and holds you hostage, because you never know what is going to happen around the corner.

Talk about the crap hitting the fan! And when it does that fan is on high, because if you think Harry Potter has suffered enough in the first six books then you are going to go through a lot tissues by the time this one ends. But with each new stab of loss or difficulty, there is usually an accompanying triumph that is equal to if not better than that sorrow. But no one is safe, and anyone can die at a moments notice, especially characters you never knew you loved until they were gone (at least in my case).

Did I like the ending? Well…as a fan I received satisfaction. As a fan I’m always going to want to know more, to have a few more question answered about obscure things. But by and large I am happy with the way the story ends up, and with how Rowling leaves it wrapped up. All important questions about Harry, and the night his parents died, are answered, and so are a few others that have been driving people nuts for a few years now.

As a writer I understand why she ended things the way she did, but I may have done it differently. But who am I to stand in judgment on that issue? I was hoping for something to happen that did not, but in the end the way Rowling works it out is better than I would have (hence why she is a multi million copy best seller, and I am not).

Get your copy and read it. Then go back and read the others again to see just how well she set up everything. And then read the book again. I guarantee you will enjoy it even if you know the ending. And, just one little personal thing: NEVILE LONGBOTTOM ROCKS!!!!!!!!


~ by trinity777 on July 29, 2007.

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