Funny how things get put in your lap

OK, so I just finished my rant about money, and I decide to look through a few of my friends blogs because I have not made the time to do so lately. A friend of mine used to have a really funny website, but life got in the way and he only recently put a new one back up. I read this post he had up about things he had learned at this point in his young life and he is totally right. As a member of that not quite Gen-X but not quite Post-Modern/Gen Y age group, I tend to get caught up in all things I can’t control but feel that I should. And my default reaction when this happens is to freak out about how I’m inadequate to enact change in my own life, but not actually make any concrete moved to enact change in my life because I’m too busy analyzing it and complaining about it. Be offers some really great perspective that touched about everything I have been feeling this past week with my wife in North Carolina. Funny how I have to finally face myself now that I’m alone.

Anyway, read this post! It has some really great advice for people in their mid to late 20’s…well actually for anyone who is frustrated with their own inability to control their life. If I could only keep these things in mind as I try to sort out the place I’m in now and how to get to the next place in my journey of life.


~ by trinity777 on July 30, 2007.

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