Here is where your money goes!

I had a new experience today. My wife showed me a dollar bill that she received as change while in North Carolina. It had a stamp on it that said “Track me at” Apparently someone put together a tracking system where you can enter a dollar bill’s serial number, and the zip code that you spent/received it in, and it will show you a report of that bill’s journey through out it’s life. I guess someone had a lot of time on their hands and wanted to do something with it. So I went, and did not find an extensive history for my dollar bill. Yet I did find out that it was at one time in New Jersey before my Wife picked it up in North Carolina. Now it’s here in California. Wonder where it will go next? Find out here. FYI, you don’t have to log in to see a bill’s history, just put the serial number of the bill in to the box, and your Zip code.


~ by trinity777 on August 4, 2007.

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