If you love me, you’ll buy my CD!!!!

Begin Shameless Plug

The Belles of Bedlam have release a new CD…FINALLY!!!!! It’s called Bootleg. This a live recording of the Bogfest XII. Sadly, neither my wife nor I were in the group at time this was recorded, but we were there. I remember that night fondly. You see, for those who are not connected to the RenFair culture of Southern California, Bogfest is held every year by the Poxy Boggards. The Boggards preform on the Naughty stage with us at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Fair. Well, if you work at fair, you don’t have time to catch a majority of the music acts you want to see during the run of fair because you are working. The Boggards put on a show just for these kinds of fans, close to site each year, and make sure all the Fair workers know. Pack that many people into a bar, at the end of the day, after a day of Fair, and it can be really crazy because you’ve spent what little sanity you had during the day. Our group opened for The Boggards that year, after a long, hard, hot, day at fair. Oh, yeah, and did I mention there were adult beverages involved. And The Boggards were kind enough to capture it for us so we were able to preserver every naughty minuet of it all.

My wife worked on the Inside cover art and liner notes.

So keep your eye on CD Baby, and you will see our new CD avilable soon. And while you are there pick up a copy of “Who’s Your Sire” too!

End Shameless Plug


~ by trinity777 on November 14, 2007.

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