An exciting trip to the bank

So I got paid yesterday! This is cool, because it was a day early (when you work for a small company, and the boss is out of the office for pay day, this happens). So I go to put my hard earned money in the bank and had an interesting experience. The Van in front of my car start to smoke and the driver ran from the car. It’s a good thing he did too, because a few seconds after he did, the thing caught fire. I took a few pics with my phone (still waiting for my cell provider to deliver the e-mails from my phone to my e-mail account, and here is what I saw.

Flaming Van

It was so cool, in that “Thank God it’s not my car” kind of way. The fire crew truck was there really fast. A guy came out with the big skill saw and cut off the hood to get the fire underneath, and they turned the hose on it. But not before filling the air the smell of burning plastic and rubber.

Van Fire w/Fireman

I think the weirdest part was as I deposited my check, the bank teller asked me if there was a fire going on outside. I pulled out my phone and showed her the pictures, and she was shocked. Apparently that is her bumper just off the picture to the right of the van. She finished my transaction and went to go check on her car.

It’s not every day you get to see a car catch fire.


~ by trinity777 on December 5, 2007.

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