Score Card for 2007

So did I meet my resolutions? I set forth the following goals for 2007, and as the year is drawing to a close I decided to pull the list out and see how I faired. Here is what I came up with:

1. Get a job that pays enough to pay all my bills on time, instead of cycling them each month which to pay.
Done As of Feb.

2. Write more, I have a book that I’ve been writing and I really need to stop making excuses and just finish the thing so I can go back and start editing the parts that suck.
Basically I did this. I stripped the story down and started over from a new point of view (same plot).

3. Read 20+ books, not a very ambitious goal as I read 28 last year, but it’s a reasonable goal.
I weighted in just under my target at 15 books this year. I got a real job that actually makes me work during the day, and I don’t get to read anymore while I wait for them to find something that I can do for them.

4. Find new and interesting ways to show my wife I love her.
I don’t think I found interesting ways, but I did find a few new ones.

5. Save up money to move the hell out of California, so I can actually afford to live and start thinking about having a kid.
Started this project when wife got job in Oct, and we actually have savings in our account for the first time in a while.

6. Drink more good beer (as opposed to most of the beers out there) because beer makes everything better; that and Jack Daniels
Failed: I have sampled more beers yes, but I have not found any that I say I like. Nothing quite comes close to either Guinness or Macesen’s XXX Stout. I like my beer dark, thick, sometimes chocolaty, and smooth.

7. I will focus on making my life situation better, making my wife happier, and work on being able to accept compliments for what they are instead of shrugging them off.
Let’s see, new Job, new Apartment, New clothes that fit, and paying all bills on time: I think that counts as a better situation all around.

8. 2007 shall be the year of renewal for me. I shall stop worrying about where I have been, and focus on where I am going. Mistakes will be learned from, not dwelt on.
I always struggle with dwelling on mistakes. I have moved past a lot of the mistakes I’ve made, and finally moved on in many regards. I think I’ve made this year about what “Can” be done, not what we can’t do. We have come a long way this year, and I am looking forward to what changes are in store for us for next year. What are my Resolutions for next year? That’s a good question, I haven’t thought about it yet. I’m still reflecting on the great things that I have been blessed with this year.

So did I make it for this year? I think I did.


~ by trinity777 on December 8, 2007.

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