Blogging to you live from Indiana!

That’s right, this post is being posted from my hotel room in Kokomo Indiana. I’m here on business, my company needed someone to come out here and do a training for the back office of on of our Broker/Dealers.

I like traveling. But I’m really glad I don’t have to do this on a regular bases. I’m only going to be gone for one night, I don’t like being away from my wife. I like flying, the sensation of take off is just awesome. But I’m really glad that I will have one more trip next month, and I’m done for the year (I pretty sure)

So what have I learned from this trip so far:

  1. Never let your itinerary of your sight.
    • This means that when you are jotting notes down on it the day before you leave, because you want to make sure you remember what the head of marketing wants you to cover, you actually put said itinerary in your laptop bag to take with you (not leaving it on your desk to scramble back to the office to get in time to make your flight the next morning)
  2. Sonic Burger is the food of the gods:
    • I used to think Inn and Out was the king of the burger universe. Sonic Burger was in California for while, and I hear rumor that there are still few locations left, but not where I live. There is a Sonic Burger down the road from my Hotel, so my dinner tonight was most excellent
  3. All states that are not California, need to re-think their speed limits
    • With possibly the exception of Nevada, driving outside of California is hell. Just to illustrate my point, the posted speed limit in my home town was 55MPH. No before you point out that I grew up in the middle of no-where, the posted Speed limit in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, near where I live, is also 55MPH. The posted speed limit on most of the 5 freeway in California is 70MPH. I get here to Indiana and have to drive 60 miles to my hotel from the Airport and it took me almost two hours because the posted speed limit on the 645 freeway is 45MPH, and it only has two lanes.
  4. Rental Car companies exist so that you do not make a mistake buy a car that sucks
    • I’m a firm believe in the “Try before you buy” philosophy. This Chevy four door that I was given as a rental car, is so unbelievable bad that I think it is powered by hamsters. Not only is it a hideous Khaki color, not only does it look like the orphaned step child of a VW hippy van and a Ford Escort, but when you step on the gas it makes high pitched whine like you asked it to do something hard. I think the name is Katimer or something like that, I’ve honestly mentally blocked it out it is such a bad car.

So that’s all from Kokomo. I’m going to settle down and watch some TV and go to bed now.


~ by trinity777 on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Blogging to you live from Indiana!”

  1. 45 mph and on the freeway/highway? I don’t think my car knows how to go that slow. Oh yea there is that 35mph thing around the schools, but I never have to go there any more. Have a safe trip home.

  2. You do know that speed limit in a school zone is 25MPH (when children are present), right. I seem to recall many of times that you expounded on this fact…at length…while I was still in High School.

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