Still in Indiana?!!?!?!

I like travel. I like going to new places, seeing new things, tasting new foods, talk to people with different accents, the whole experience of being in a place different from the one you live.

So I’m still in Indiana. I was supposed to leave the conference I was scheduled to speak at by 4:00pm today. But someone decided to use last year’s agenda with out looking a the changes, and promoted a huge big panel discussion with all the software vendors. My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30pm, and the conference was a good 60 miles away from the airport.

Now, if you have read the previous post, you know my feeling on speed limits in states other than California. Well, the freeway system here is similar to a country mountain highway in California, only with about have the amount of traffic that fits on a LA freeway. Put it all together, and you get me showing up to the Continental Airline check in counter, at 6:15pm. Enter the modern age of technology and security paranoia that is our post 911 world in the USA.

Now I’m totally willing to admit that I’m spoiled as a Californian who lives in the LA area. There are no less than three major airports with in a hour and a half of my house. Ontario International, is a small airport compared to most, but it is fast. I’ve never taken more than 15 minuets for a security check, and there are only two outgoing terminals to choose from for domestic flights. Indianapolis is very different.

When I arrived at the airport at 6:00 I turned my rental car in and knew that I was strapped for time. I got in the shuttle to the terminal and ran to the check in desk. At 6:15 the very polite and nice woman with a thick British accent told me that she could not check me in. When I asked why, she said that the computers prohibit people from being checked in so close to the departure time. Apparently the standard time to get through security in Indianapolis is one hour on a good day. I requested that they put me on the next available flight to Ontario, and they said there were no more flights leaving today. When I asked for a flight in to Burbank, LAX, or San Bernardino, or any other of the many airports in So Cal, they said they would not be able do do so. Apparently all flights out of Indianapolis are booked. ALL FLIGHTS, not just to California. The next available flight they could put me on is for 6:15am tomorrow morning.

So I called my company, spoke to the guy who sent me here, and got a hotel room paid for by the company near the airport. I am stuck in Indiana

Plus side…there is a great pub across the street from my hotel. I had a this excellent chicken burger that made the day worth it, along with a Guinness. So, the day is not a total loss.

Time to go to sleep, I have to be up early tomorrow.


~ by trinity777 on April 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Still in Indiana?!!?!?!”

  1. Ok Tim, lets just face it, you do not have very good luck departing from any other airport than the ones in Calif. I hope you are on your way home now.

  2. Yep,

    Arrived safe back in California, where things are the way they should be.

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