TSA Security / The Comedy of Appearing to be Safe

I think safety is an important thing. I feel glad that I, as an American, have the right to travel to any state with out fear that the Federal Government can, Constitutionally, prevent me from going and coming as I please. I am a law abiding, tax paying, citizen, and therefore have no reason to fear interstate travel.

The morning of September 11, 2001, I went to work not knowing what had happened in New York. Being on the West Coast, and listening to a radio show that was know for it’s morning pranks on people, I did not even think twice about the news story that planes were being crashed into the Sears Towers. I was shocked, angry, and confused, like most of the people I knew and lived with. But this incident is more than five years behind us. It is time for the government to stop reacting to 911, and take a good long look at the effectiveness of the policies created in the wake of that tragic event.

I’m glad that Airports have had to step up secruity. It makes me safer as a traveler. Yesterday, due to a 911 secrutiy policy, I was denied access to the terminal to board my plane because the security check point was so backed up there was no way I could make my flight. OK, fine, I was running late and that is no one’s fault but the people who booked me longer that I was supposed to speak. So I was booked on the next aviable flight, spent the night in a hotel, and went back the next day.

The boarding pass I was given had a big “S” printed on it. My ticket agent said nothing about it, and I cleared the TSA check point with no mention what so ever of any issues. I went to my gate and checked in with the desk, something most people do not do but with the issues I’ve had with the trip I like to have a security blanket. I was informed that I had been flagged as a TSA security risk, and that I would not be allowed to board the plane until TSA stamped my boarding pass. So I had to walk all the way across the airport to the nearest TSA check point, and tell them about the issue. I was told to go back to my gate, and an agent would be there to take care of it.

The agent arrived as my flight was boarding, I had made it back to the check point with 20 min till they started boarding. He had to do the following before I was allowed to baord:

  1. Hand check the laptop bag I carried that already had been x-rayed
  2. Use a wand to check me for mettle, having already cleared the mettle detector
  3. Physically pat me down for weapons

All of these procedures had already been done at the check point,but I had to do this again at my gate. When I asked why, it was because I had changed my flight. That is all.

Does anyone else thing this is just a stupid way of going about making thing more secure?


~ by trinity777 on April 25, 2008.

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