Look Ma, I’m on the Webernet!

The same voice that brought you the great hit classic “Upgrading to version 9 from Version 8.x” now you can have even more of that great Tech Support love with a whole new collection of Tutorial Movies for the Laser App Enterprise program, brought to you by Laser App Software. Now you can learn how to do useful things like “How to Download and Install Forms”, “How to manually input your client contact data into the Laser App database”, or “How to import your client contact data from Excel or CSV File”.

Or if you are a power user, one of those people living on the cutting edge of technology who says, “Why should I learn a whole new program when my client data is already in one that works just fine for me,” fear not. Laser App works perfectly with many diffrent database programs. Take a look at the “Using Laser App with Red Tail” video to see just what me mean.
Stay tuned for new videos, coming soon to the Laser App Support page video’s page Great tools such as, “Using Laser App with SmartOffice”, “How to create form groups”, and “Saving forms in Laser App”. More to come, and all brought to you by ME! It’s what I do for a living!


~ by trinity777 on June 20, 2008.

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